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We help athletes and adults build muscle, get stronger and become more powerful without getting hurt.

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Focus on training The Primal 8 Movements

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We help you set goals that are important to you. We build you a personalized plan to reach those goals while holding you accountable. Our 12-week programs help adults and athletes boost their metabolism, burn fat and calories, build strength and confidence and improve your overall fitness. These strength training workouts deliver a customized experience in a small group setting.



First step to training at Hardbody is a 45-minute intro session with our Founder. He wants to know you as an individual and what challenges you may be dealing with in order to ensure that our programs are right for you.
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Step 2: Performance Assessment

Unlike most training facilities we actually track y our progress. This starts with getting an objective baseline. Our comprehensive performance assessment allows us to conduct a needs analysis to identify what you need and build a program that aligns with your goals. Once you are a member we meet every 90-days to go over your progress and refresh your training prescription.

Step 3: Get to work!

We train in groups of up to 6 people at a time and every group has its own dedicated coach. All fitness levels are welcome and beginners are encouraged to join. We provide the equipment, the programming, the coaching and everything else you need to succeed. All you have to do is show up and we'll take care of the rest.

Do you…

  • …want to build your confidence?
  • …want to get stronger?
  • …want to build explosive power?
  • …want to learn how to fuel your performance?
  • …want to learn how to eat to build muscle?
  • …want to train with a world class coach you can trust?

If you commit to our training we commit to you. Join the team.

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Our #1 priority is helping our members get results.


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