Enhancing Athletic Performance with Specialized Strength Training Techniques at Hardbody Athlete

At Hardbody Athlete, we understand that the path to elite performance in sports like hockey and soccer involves a sophisticated blend of strength training and technique development. For parents of athletes, finding a training environment that not only fosters athletic growth but also focuses on the right developmental strategies is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how specialized strength training techniques can significantly benefit your athlete, ensuring they have a solid foundation for their sporting careers.

Specialty Strength Training Techniques

1. Bench Press with Chains

  • Reps: 6
  • Tempo: 2-0-X-0
  • Load: 50% of 1RM + 20% with chains
  • Benefits: Adding chains to the bench press introduces variable resistance, helping athletes develop explosive power and strength through the full range of motion—critical for sports requiring upper body strength.

2. Incline Press with Speed Device

  • Reps: 6
  • Tempo: 2-0-X-0
  • Load: 50% of 1RM + 25% with speed device
  • Benefits: Speed devices enforce a quicker execution of the press, enhancing the athlete’s ability to generate force rapidly. This is particularly beneficial for movements where quick, powerful actions are crucial.

3. Squat with Bands

  • Reps: 6
  • Tempo: 2-0-X-0
  • Load: 50% of 1RM + 20% with bands
  • Benefits: Using bands in squat training helps in building lower body strength and improving kinetic energy utilization, essential for powerful skating strides and dynamic movements.

4. Squat with Inertia (Light – Mid Range)

  • Reps: 4
  • Tempo: 2-2-X-0
  • Load: 30% of 1RM
  • Benefits: Inertia training focuses on the mid-range where athletes often lack power, aiding in developing a stronger and more efficient movement pattern.

5. Incline Press with Explosive Accentuated Eccentric

  • Reps: 1+4 (eccentric + normal)
  • Tempo: 4-0-X-0 / 2-0-X-0
  • Load: 60% of 1RM + 20%
  • Benefits: This technique increases the time under tension during the eccentric phase, significantly improving muscle control and strength endurance.

6. Bench Press with Isometronic Mid Range

  • Reps: 5+1+1 (normal + isometric holds)
  • Tempo: 1-0-1-0 / 1-0-1-6 / 1-0-1-0
  • Load: MAX
  • Benefits: Combining maximal loads with isometric holds increases both strength and muscular endurance, crucial for late-game performances where fatigue typically sets in.

7. Yielding Iso-Dynamic Complex – Squat

  • Reps: 1+5 (squat + squat jump)
  • Tempo: 1-0-1-8 / X-0-X-0
  • Load: 80% + 10%
  • Benefits: This complex training approach enhances neuromuscular coordination and explosive power, translating directly to better agility and speed on the field or ice.

8. Functional Iso-Dynamic Complex – Deadlift

  • Reps: 3+3 (deadlift + triple jump)
  • Tempo: 1-0-1-6 / X-0-X-0
  • Load: 50% + Body Weight
  • Benefits: Integrating deadlifts with plyometric training ensures development of both strength and explosive power, vital for effective tackling and quick directional changes in field sports.

Why Choose Hardbody Athlete for Your Youth Athlete’s Training

Choosing Hardbody Athlete for your athletes strength and conditioning offers a science-backed, developmentally appropriate approach to training. We ensure that every technique and training session is designed to align with the unique physiological needs and sports-specific demands faced by athletes. Our facility not only focuses on athletic development but also on creating a supportive community where families are integral to the developmental journey.

For parents, Hardbody Athlete is more than just a training facility—it’s a partner in helping your child achieve their sports performance goals while ensuring they grow in a safe, encouraging environment tailored for young athletes. Join us today to help your child build the strength, endurance, and skills required to excel in elite hockey, soccer, or any sport they are passionate about.

For more information on our programs and how we can help your young athlete succeed, visit Hardbody Athlete’s website or contact us directly. Together, we can turn the aspirations of your young athletes into achievements.