Specialty Strength Training Techniques for Athletic Performance Enhancement with Hardbody Athlete

Small-Group Personal Training for Ambitious Athletes and Adults

At Hardbody Athlete, we are committed to helping ambitious athletes and adults reach their peak performance through advanced and specialized strength training techniques. By incorporating innovative methods such as chains, bands, speed devices, and various dynamic and isometric exercises, we create a comprehensive training program that enhances strength, power, and athletic performance.

Bench Press with Chains

Using chains in the bench press is an effective way to improve strength and power. As the chains lift off the ground during the press, the load increases, challenging the muscles throughout the entire range of motion. This method helps athletes develop explosive strength and improves their ability to handle heavier weights.

Incline Press with Speed Device (Output)

The incline press with a speed device focuses on developing explosive power and speed. The speed device measures the force and speed of each repetition, allowing athletes to track their performance and ensure they are maximizing their output. This technique is particularly useful for improving upper body power and enhancing overall athletic performance.

Squat with Bands

Incorporating bands into the squat increases resistance as the athlete stands up, making the exercise more challenging and effective. Bands help to improve strength and power, particularly in the lower body, by providing variable resistance that targets different muscle groups throughout the movement.

Squat with Inertia – Light to Mid Range

Performing squats with inertia in the light to mid range focuses on controlling the movement and maintaining stability. This technique helps to improve balance, coordination, and muscle control, which are essential for athletic performance. By emphasizing the light to mid range, athletes can enhance their muscle endurance and strength.

Incline Press with Explosive Accentuated Eccentric

The incline press with explosive accentuated eccentric emphasizes the lowering phase of the movement. By lowering the weight slowly and under control, then explosively pressing it back up, athletes can build greater strength and power. This technique enhances muscle hypertrophy and increases the overall effectiveness of the incline press.

Bench Press with Isometronic – Mid Range

The isometronic bench press targets the mid range of the movement by incorporating isometric holds. This technique improves strength and stability in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. By holding the weight in the mid range, athletes can enhance their ability to control the weight and develop greater muscle endurance.

Yielding Iso-Dynamic Complex – Squat – Mid Range + Squat Jump – Reactive

The yielding iso-dynamic complex for the squat involves holding the squat position in the mid range, followed by explosive squat jumps. This technique improves muscle endurance, strength, and power. The combination of isometric holds and reactive jumps enhances the athlete’s ability to generate force quickly and effectively.

Functional Iso-Dynamic Complex – Deadlift – Rack – Below Knee + Triple Jump

The functional iso-dynamic complex for the deadlift involves performing isometric holds in the rack below the knee, followed by explosive triple jumps. This technique targets the posterior chain, improving strength, power, and athleticism. The combination of isometric holds and dynamic jumps helps athletes develop explosive power and enhances their overall performance.


At Hardbody Athlete, we utilize specialty strength training techniques to optimize athletic performance. By incorporating advanced methods such as chains, bands, speed devices, and various isometric and dynamic exercises, we create a comprehensive and effective training program. Our small-group personal training sessions are designed to help ambitious athletes and adults achieve their full potential. Join us at Hardbody Athlete and experience the benefits of our innovative training techniques.