Summer Speed-Strength Program for High School and College Athletes

In the pursuit of athletic excellence, speed and strength are paramount. At Hardbody Athlete, we’ve developed a specialized summer program designed to enhance both qualities in high school and college athletes. This program leverages cutting-edge training methodologies to optimize performance on the field or ice.

Understanding Speed-Strength Training: Speed-strength training focuses on enhancing the rate of force development (RFD), crucial for explosive movements in sports like hockey. Vladimir Zatsiorsky rightly pointed out that a muscle fiber must be recruited effectively without reaching fatigue to achieve optimal training benefits.

Program Structure: Phase Focus: Power

A-Series: Intentional Maximal Concentric Action (IMCA)

  • Exercises like Clean Pulls, Power Cleans, Snatch Pulls, and Power Snatches are key. The use of chains and bands optimizes resistance to enhance explosiveness.

B-Series: Maximal Voluntary Contractions (MVC)

  • Secondary movements target specific muscle groups with exercises like throws and jumps. Controlled tempos ensure proper form while pushing to near concentric failure.

C-Series: Sub-Maximal Effort (Rep In Reserve – RIR)

  • Focuses on localized muscle development through remedial exercises that stop short of concentric failure, improving endurance and muscle activation.

Weekly Schedule Example:

  • Day 1: A-Series: IMCA (80%), B-Series: MVC (60-80%)
  • Day 2: DE (40-60%), ME (80%)
  • Day 3: A-Series: IMCA (80%), C-Series: SME (RIR)
  • Day 4: DE (40-60%), ME (80%)

Key Principles and Benefits:

  • Speed-Strength Emphasis: Enhances RFD crucial for quick accelerations.
  • Non-Fatigued Recruitment: Maximizes muscle fiber recruitment without inducing fatigue, as per Zatsiorsky’s principle.
  • Tendon Stiffness and Fiber Makeup: Impact speed trainability, making our program adaptable to individual needs.

At Hardbody Athlete, our summer speed-strength program isn’t just about lifting weights; it’s about optimizing athletic performance through scientifically proven methods. Whether you’re a high school athlete aiming to dominate on the field or a college athlete preparing for the next level, our program is tailored to elevate your game.

Ready to take your speed and strength to the next level? Contact us today to join our summer program and unlock your athletic potential.