Summer Speed & Strength: Your Ticket to Explosive Athleticism

Hey athletes! Summer isn’t just about rest and relaxation—it’s your chance to level up your game and unleash explosive speed and power. At Hardbody Athlete, we know that building a solid strength foundation is the key to dominating your sport come fall. Let’s dive into the science behind speed training and how our proven methods can transform your athleticism.

The Explosive Strength Advantage

Legendary strength coach Vladimir Zatsiorsky famously said, “A muscle fiber that is recruited but not fatigued is not trained.” We take this to heart at Hardbody Athlete. We understand that youth athletes need 1-3 years of developing explosive strength before diving into advanced speed methods. This foundation is crucial because starting strength requires a velocity of 1.3 m/s, a feat that’s difficult to achieve without a well-developed central nervous system.

Why Dynamic Effort (DE) Training is Key

Our summer speed and strength program focuses on DE training during the power phase. Why? DE emphasizes rapid acceleration throughout the concentric phase of a lift, which is directly linked to rate of force development (RFD), a critical factor in athletic performance. By training with DE, we aim to shift your force-time curve to the left, minimizing the time it takes to reach peak force. This translates to faster sprints, more powerful jumps, and explosive movements on the field or court.

The Science of Speed

Did you know it takes humans 300-400 milliseconds to exert maximal force, but only 90 milliseconds to generate enough force to sprint? This means your ability to rapidly generate force is crucial for athletic success. Factors like tendon stiffness, muscle fiber type, and tissue quality also play a role in your speed potential.

Maximizing Your Training:

  • Intentional Maximal Concentric Action (IMCA): During your primary power movements, focus on maximal acceleration without reaching failure. This recruits high-threshold motor units, essential for explosive power.
  • Maximal Voluntary Contractions (MVC): In our assistance exercises (B-series), we incorporate controlled concentric failure to maximize motor unit recruitment, muscle growth, and hormonal response.
  • Reps In Reserve (RIR): Our remedial exercises (C-series) are performed with a controlled tempo and stop short of failure, focusing on localized muscle development.

Your Summer Training Blueprint:

Our periodized program cycles through phases of Maximal Effort (ME) and Dynamic Effort (DE), incorporating chains and bands for varied resistance. We focus on explosive movements like throws, jumps, clean pulls, power cleans, snatch pulls, and power snatches.

Hardbody Athlete’s Commitment to Your Success

We believe in training smart and training hard. Our expert coaches will guide you through every step of your summer program, ensuring proper technique, optimal loading, and effective recovery. We’ll track your progress and make adjustments as needed to maximize your results.

Are you ready to transform your athleticism this summer? Contact Hardbody Athlete today and let’s unlock your full speed and power potential!