The Hardbody Athlete Story

Our founder and coach

Kyle "Mac" McGough

Build Your Competitive Advantage with Hardbody Athlete.

Today’s fitness industry is saturated. People play sports, take a weekend certification and call themselves coaches. That’s not the case with Hardbody Athlete.

Coach Kyle Mac has put skin in the game for more than a decade coaching collegiate strength and conditioning at The Ohio State University, UCLA, Wagner College and William Patterson University. He has coached and prepared athletes for competition in more than 16 sports in year-round training programs. He’s also assisted in sports rehabilitation, return to play, sports nutrition and supplementation.

Kyle is committed to providing a winning culture for every athlete at every level at Hardbody Athlete. He strives to place athletes in the appropriate programs and give them the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment that offers:

High-quality, world-class coaching and training

Complementary skill development with injury prevention and performance enhancement through strength and power training, recovery, nutrition/supplementation and leadership

State-of-the-art facilities and objective data collection through sports science technology

A comprehensive system that strategically combines training, lifestyle and mindset

Coach Kyle Mac believes that every player is important, and that each individual should have the opportunity to reach their full potential from both a personal and performance standpoint.

Character, leadership, strong work ethic and foundational daily habits are life lessons that will allow Hardbody Athletes to succeed in their endeavors.

Coach Kyle Mac’s vision is to scale and provide his services to sport-specific organizations around the country that need comprehensive strength and conditioning systems to change athletes’ lives.

He strives to be an integral component to the success of athletes in the Hardbody Athlete community by providing access to his experiences, education and passion for maximizing development and driving results. Hardbody Athletes train hard and smart in a system that combines training, lifestyle and mindset.

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