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It all starts with what you eat.

Physical training is only one part of living a healthy and active life.

When you pair our workouts with good eating habits, you’ll supercharge and maintain your results.


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Hardbody Athlete Training Facility is proud to partner with Visionary Meals, a pioneering meal prep company founded in 2018 by Josh, a former college football player from Wittenberg University. Visionary Meals, born out of Josh’s personal commitment to nutrition and fitness during his athletic career, has rapidly become a leader in the meal prep industry, known for its locally-sourced ingredients and impactful mission. This partnership aligns perfectly with Hardbody Athlete’s high-performance ethos, recognizing the essential role of nutrition in achieving peak physical condition. By becoming an official pick-up location for Visionary Meals, Hardbody Athlete facilitates access to nutritious, farm-to-table meals for our members, underscoring our commitment to supporting their fitness journeys both in and out of the gym.

Further enriching this collaboration, Visionary Meals’ Head Nutrition & Fitness Coach & Director of Operations, Casey Lewandowski MS, LD, RD, brings her expertise as a nutrition coach to our community. Her deep understanding of the balance between rigorous training and nutritional support perfectly complements our holistic approach to strength and conditioning. Casey’s passion and Visionary Meals’ mission resonate with the values at the heart of Hardbody Athlete, where we strive not just for physical excellence, but for a lifestyle enriched by health, community, and wellbeing.

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– Sunday evening before midnight for a Tuesday delivery between 12pm and 2pm
– Wednesday evening before midnight for a Friday Delivery between 12pm and 2 pm


Expert guidance

Hardbody Athlete is Thrilled to have Casey Lewandowski on board as our Registered Dietitian nutrition coach! With a background in competitive gymnastics, Personal Training & dietetics, Casey brings the perfect blend of discipline & knowledge to help shape your fitness journey.

A supportive community

Exciting times at Hardbody Athlete as we partner with Visionary Meals! Together, we're creating a community where support meets nutrition, powering your journey with farm-fresh meals and unwavering encouragement.

Personalized plans

Casey Lewandowski is revolutionizing meal prep with personalized nutrition plans that align perfectly with your fitness goals! Get ready to elevate your health game with her expert coordination at Hardbody Athlete.

Measured results

Hardbody Athlete & Casey are taking fitness tracking to the next level with InBody570! Dive into precise body composition analysis to tailor your journey and visibly measure your progress.

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