Athlete Program

We train the ATHLETE first. At Hardbody we believe STRENGTH is the mother of all qualities.

Our Athlete Program is NO BS STRENGTH TRAINING.

Getting strong does not need to be complicated. Strength is a stripped down way to build lean muscle, and cultivate your athletic physique.

Strength lowdown:

We simplify a number of barbell movements, incorporate dumbbells and kettlebells, and focus on timeless strength building exercises

Every member of our Athlete Program has an individualized workout card that coaches use to track weights and progress

Workout in groups of up to 6 people

Designed for new, intermediate and advanced members


Why our Athlete Program is the best..


HBA Provides off-season and in-season programs to our athletes.

The off-season training programs begin with a assessment of strength, balance and power as well as a body fat analysis. Each 3 week mesocycle consists of 2-4 workouts per week. A variety of testing modalities are used to design each athletes specific program and monitor their progress.

The in-season training program consists of 2-3 personalized workouts per week designed to maintain strength and prevent injuries.

Both in-season and off-season training programs are complemented with an in-depth nutrition an supplement plan.


For the body to perform, recover and rebuild optimally, proper nutrition must be addressed. We start with a detailed health story evaluation to understand any physical limitations, daily energy levels, sleep patterns, and genetic risk factors. We follow this with a Inbody570 body composition assessment which reveals what's behind the number of your bodyweight. Think fat vs. muscle.

A variety of functional medical tests may be used to further address issues surrounding peak athletic performance. A customized protocol of professional brand nutritional supplements is recommended and revisited throughout the year depending on the individuals changing needs.

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