Join the Hardbody Athlete Elite Training Program: Transform Your Potential into Performance

Empowering Ambitious Athletes and Adults to Achieve Peak Performance

Are you an athlete determined to enhance your capabilities? Are you an ambitious adult looking to push your limits in fitness? Welcome to Hardbody Athlete, where we’re more than just a training facility—we are a team committed to propelling you towards your ultimate physical goals. If you’re ready to elevate your performance and thrive in a community of like-minded individuals, Hardbody Athlete invites you to join our elite program.

Program Requirements:

  • Embrace Our Training Philosophy: Commit to understanding and integrating our innovative training methods.
  • Health and Fitness: Maintain a healthy physique capable of rigorous training.
  • Meet Our Performance Standards: Possess the strength and skill to meet our specific athletic benchmarks.
  • Community Contribution: Support and collaborate effectively with our training community.
  • Continuous Improvement: Show a relentless desire to advance your skills, welcome feedback, and heed coaching advice.
  • Represent Our Brand: Proudly wear Hardbody Athlete apparel, featuring our sleek color scheme of white, orange, grey, and black, during all training sessions.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Dedicate yourself to ongoing growth and clear goal setting with us.
  • Training Location: Be prepared to train in person at our facility on a regular basis.

Who Should Apply?

We cater to professional and emerging athletes across various sports, as well as ambitious adults dedicated to serious fitness. Our training groups are intentionally small to ensure personalized attention and maximal development.

Benefits of Joining Hardbody Athlete:

  • Cost: Starts at $75/ week
  • Elite Coaching: Receive tailored coaching and thrive within a dynamic group setting.
  • High-Performance Recovery Partnerships Access Industry-Leading Recovery Options:
    • Centre Wellness Collaboration: Benefit from our partnership with Centre Wellness, which provides cutting-edge recovery modalities. Take advantage of facilities like the sauna, cold plunge pools, and red light therapy, all designed to optimize your recovery. Experience personalized care from master massage therapists who specialize in athletic recovery.
    • Hybrid Performance and Wellness Services: Engage with another of our esteemed partners, Hybrid Performance and Wellness. Their recovery room is equipped with Normatec air compression systems, body tempering, and percussion tissue therapy, all tailored to enhance your physical restoration. Additionally, take advantage of comprehensive chiropractic care and innovative sports medicine treatments, including cupping and neurofunctional acupuncture, to support your performance and wellbeing.
  • Performance Testing: Undergo comprehensive assessments to fine-tune your training and development. Utilize state-of-the-art sports science tools, including the Inbody570 and the Vald Performance Sports Science Suite, which features Forcedecks, Grip Dynomometer, and SmartSpeed Timing Gates.
  • Strategic Support: Gain from our expert team’s guidance as you navigate challenges in your athletic or fitness journey. Our team is here to support your development every step of the way, ensuring you meet and exceed your goals.

Become Part of a Legacy:

  • Education: Gain from and contribute to the Hardbody Athlete’s reservoir of training knowledge.
  • Progress Recognition: Advance through our tiered shirt system, each color representing a milestone in your Hardbody journey:
    • White Shirt: Begin your path.
    • Orange Shirt: Set personal bests and fully integrate into our culture.
    • Grey Shirt: Lead as a culture ambassador and excel within your group.
    • Black Shirt with Orange Print: Attain the pinnacle of Hardbody training and earn the respect of peers and coaches.

Exclusive Member Perks:

  • Receive Hardbody Athlete gear including t-shirts, backpacks, team belts, and wrist wraps.
  • Earn through athlete-exclusive affiliate links.
  • Gain exposure via our social media platforms and featured blog posts.

Ready to Transform with Us?

If you’re eager to join a team that values perseverance, teamwork, and excellence, Hardbody Athlete is your gateway to reaching new heights in physical fitness and athletic achievement. Visit our website now and fill out our free discovery call contact form. It’s time to step up and stand out—embrace the Hardbody way and let us guide you to your best self!

Join us today and start your transformation with Hardbody Athlete—where your potential meets our expertise.