Revolutionize Your Fitness with Hardbody’s New Conditioning Workout Format

Hardbody Athlete, a leader in strength and conditioning for ambitious adults and professionals, is excited to introduce a new conditioning workout format designed to significantly improve cardiovascular fitness and body composition. This innovative approach blends high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with functional strength exercises to deliver a comprehensive workout regimen that not only enhances cardiovascular health but also facilitates the transfer of strength to functional patterns, thereby aiding in body composition improvement.

Frequency and Schedule:

  • Sessions per Week: Twice – Wednesday and Saturday
  • Focus: General cardiovascular fitness improvement, functional strength application, and body composition enhancement.

Workout Components:

Movement Buckets: Our workouts are categorized into dynamic movement buckets, including:

  • Pushing
  • Lifting
  • Carrying
  • Dragging
  • Animal Walks

These categories ensure a well-rounded development of strength and endurance, utilizing a variety of motor patterns.

Interval Training: At the core of our conditioning workouts are carefully structured intervals, designed to maximize cardiovascular benefits and functional strength:

  • Intensity-Based: Effort levels are matched to fitness improvements, encouraging maximum exertion for optimal results.
  • Work Interval: Each high-intensity interval lasts for 30 seconds, pushing you to your limits.

Implements: We utilize a range of equipment to vary movement patterns and velocities, including:

  • Tanks (Sleds)
  • Swiss bars, straight bars, and dumbbells
  • Battle ropes
  • Medicine balls
  • Echo Bike

Adaptability is key; we provide alternatives for unavailable equipment to ensure consistent workout quality.

Technique and Loading:

Technique Emphasis: While speed and intensity are crucial, maintaining stability and tightness is paramount to prevent injury and ensure effective training.

  • Technical Failure: Push yourself to technical failure, focusing on speed and intensity without sacrificing control.

Loading Strategy: The goal is to achieve a high volume of quality repetitions within each interval:

  • Optimal Reps: Aim for 30 reps in 30 seconds for exercises like overhead presses or bent-over rows to maximize lactate production and functional strength gains.

Interval Training Breakdown:

1. 30/30 Interval: This interval alternates between 30 seconds of maximum effort and 30 seconds of rest, structured over a 4-exercise circuit repeated four times for a total duration of 32 minutes.

2. 20/10 Interval: Designed for enhanced cardiovascular conditioning and body composition, this format includes shorter rest periods, challenging recovery, and is repeated for a total of 32 minutes.

3. 30/60 Interval: This interval focuses on maximizing energy output and lactate production, with one round of the 4-exercise circuit taking 6 minutes, followed by a 4-minute rest, for a total workout time of 40 minutes.


Hardbody Athlete’s new conditioning workout format is a game-changer for ambitious adults and professionals seeking to improve their cardiovascular fitness, functional strength, and body composition. By incorporating a variety of dynamic movements, interval training, and tailored technique and loading strategies, this program promises to enhance your overall fitness and support your journey towards achieving peak performance. Join us and experience the transformative power of Hardbody’s conditioning workouts. Unlock your potential and elevate your fitness like never before!