Unveiling the Year 3, Block 1 Training Program

Welcome to another year of transforming bodies and enhancing performance at Hardbody Athlete! As we embark on Year 3, Block 1 of our training journey, Coach K-Mac, our Master Mechanic, is revving up the engines to take your fitness to new heights.

At Hardbody Athlete, we pride ourselves on a dynamic training approach that revolves around two key themes: accumulation and intensification. Picture it like building a high-performance engine. We focus on accumulating volume during specific phases to boost muscle size (the gas tank) and intensifying load and intensity to enhance the central nervous system (adding horsepower).

This year, our spotlight is on accumulation, emphasizing the meticulous process of building that crucial gas tank. Why? Because a robust foundation ensures sustained progress and resilience in the long run. We believe in the art of balancing volume and intensity, and so every year, we meticulously wave between accumulation and intensification, sculpting bodies and preventing stagnation.

Within this broader framework, each 48-week training year is composed of four 12-week programs. These programs, in turn, consist of four 3-week training blocks, waving between accumulation and intensification. This strategic undulation allows your body to continuously adapt to the training stimulus, steering clear of plateaus and minimizing the risk of injuries through smart load and volume management.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of our Year 3, Block 1 Training Program:

Adult Program: 5X4 Method Strength Training Program

This segment is tailored for those seeking raw strength gains. The 5X4 method is designed to optimize your power output, laying the foundation for a body that can withstand and conquer challenges.

Athlete Program: 4X12 Method Hypertrophy Training Program

Geared towards athletes aiming for peak performance, our 4X12 method focuses on hypertrophy, sculpting your physique for both form and function. Expect a program that hones strength while promoting the muscle growth essential for athletic prowess. This is the last full 12-week program before tryouts for youth hockey so it’s a big push to pack on some muscle and tune it up before tryouts! 

At Hardbody Athlete, our commitment is not just to the workouts but to the journey of becoming the best version of yourself. Strap in for Year 3, Block 1, and let’s accelerate towards new heights of strength and conditioning together! 💪🚀