3 Practical training tips you can implement to improve the quality of your training session…

  1. Complete your warm up sets with the same tempo, intent and technical awareness as your working sets.
  2. Implement IMCA into the A series for faster strength increases.
  3. Utilizing a 10% intensity spread in a series.

1. Here is a Specific Warm-up we like to use:

Set 1: 6 reps @50%
Set 2: 4 reps @ 70%
Set 3: 2 reps @ 90%

Its important to follow the same tempo that is prescribed and execute with the same form you will use in your working sets.

Stronger trainees will benefit from more warm-up sets however, this progression will be applicable to the majority of trainees.

2. Intended Maximal Concentric Acceleration (IMCA)

This refers to accelerating the concentric action of the repetition as much as possible, irrespective of the actual velocity of the barbell.

The intent to maximally accelerate the concentric action, irrespective of the bar velocity, will will increase recruitment of high threshold of motor units and increase motor unit firing rate. Both factors play a significant role in intramuscular coordination’s contribution to strength development.

When implementing IMCA into our training programs we use an “X” to signify the concentric speed for the repetition. The ” X” will help reinforce the intent of speed during the concentric action.

3. For step loading the load is slowly increased from set to set.

This will help slowly potentiate your central nervous system to produce the greatest amount of force in the final set. Allowing a 10% intensity spread will insure that all the sets are of high quality without creating excessive fatigue in the earlier sets.

Step loading allows you to achieve a higher peak load when compared to constant loading while still achieving the desired volume.

Example: 5×6
Current 6RM = 220lbs
Warm Up Set 1: 100lbs x 6 reps
Warm Up Set 2: 140lbs x 4 reps
Warm Up Set 3: 180lbs x 2 reps
Set 1: 200lbs x 6 reps
Set 2: 205lbs x 6 reps
Set 3: 210lbs x 6 reps
Set 4: 215lbs x 6 reps
Set 5: 220lbs x 6 reps

When completing 7 or more sets within the A series, you may need to increase the intensity spread to 12-15% depending on the amount of sets.