Enhancing Hockey and Soccer Performance with Dynamic Effort Training at Hardbody Athlete

At Hardbody Athlete, we understand the unique demands placed on youth athletes, especially those aspiring to reach elite levels in sports like hockey and soccer. Our approach integrates the Hardbody Training Program, focusing on developing both absolute strength and explosive power, essential for peak athletic performance.

The Critical Role of Dynamic Effort in Hockey and Soccer Training

Dynamic effort (DE) training is a cornerstone of our program, designed to increase an athlete’s rate of force development crucial for athletes. This method involves lifting submaximal weights at maximal speeds, focusing on enhancing the athlete’s ability to generate force rapidly.

Acceleration: The Key to Effective DE Training

To maximize the benefits of DE lower training, athletes must learn to accelerate weights effectively. This means applying maximal force to the weights, regardless of their lighter load, to mimic the effort required in maximum lifts. Proper technique and athlete engagement are critical, as the real challenge lies in the athlete’s ability to exert force.

Mastery of the Box Squat

A proper box squat is vital for achieving the training effects desired from DE sessions. This exercise helps develop static and dynamic work capabilities, essential for athletes who need to produce power from a static position. Coaches must focus on teaching athletes to:

  • Take a big breath and keep the chest up,
  • Control their descent,
  • Sit back to maximize muscle stretch, and
  • Explode off the box with relaxed muscles.

Implementing Simple, Effective Training Waves

For athletes new to DE training, starting with straightforward training waves ensures they grasp the fundamentals before advancing. Our nine-week program is structured as follows:

Wave 1:

  • Week 1: Squat bar, 50% + 20% band, 12×2, parallel box
  • Week 2: Squat bar, 55% + 20% band, 10×2, parallel box
  • Week 3: Squat bar, 50% + 20% band, 12×2, parallel box

Wave 2:

  • Week 4: Bow bar, 50% + 25% band, 12×2, slightly below parallel box
  • Week 5: Bow bar, 55% + 25% band, 10×2, slightly below parallel box
  • Week 6: Bow bar, 60% + 25% band, 8×2, slightly below parallel box

Wave 3:

  • Week 7: Squat bar, 50% + 20% band, 5×5, parallel box
  • Week 8: Squat bar, 55% + 20% band, 5×5, parallel box
  • Week 9: Squat bar, 60% + 20% band, 5×5, parallel box

This regimen introduces athletes to dynamic effort training in a structured manner, emphasizing technique and proper form over lifting heavier weights initially.

Hardbody Athlete: Where Elite Athletes are Built

At Hardbody Athlete, our training programs are designed to cater not only to the physical demands of sports but also to the psychological growth of young athletes. We provide a nurturing environment where families can trust that their athletes are being prepared for the challenges of elite sports. Through personalized coaching and a focus on long-term athlete development, we create a foundation for success both on and off the field.

Join us at Hardbody Athlete, and transform your potential into performance. Whether you’re aiming for professional soccer fields or ice hockey arenas, our dynamic effort training will ensure you have the explosive power and strength to dominate your sport.