Hardbody Athlete Program Update (Team) 7.16.2023

Ok Team,

Here is the program update for the last phase of this summers GPP Program.

Intensification 2 – Contrast

Contrast Training utilizes a heavy load with a slower tempo for the first exercise, then a lighter load with a high velocity exercise. The heavy load is going to help potentiate the Central Nervous System (CNS) to allow for the faster contractions when performing the high velocity exercise.

For the heavy exercise, you should use step loading creating a 10% intensity spread from set 1 to set 6. Start with a load that is 10% lower than your predicted 2RM, then increase the load gradually from set to set so that you peak at your predicted 2RM on the final set.

If you fail to complete all 6 sets of 2 repetitions, do not change the weight for the next training session and aim for achieving the 2 repetitions for all 6 sets.

If you are successful in completing all 6 sets of 2 repetitions, you should use a starting weight that is 2% higher than the last session.

While you want this exercise to be heavy, you do not want to train to failure as this will negatively impact the high velocity exercise.

For the high velocity exercise, we want to use 10% of the predicted 1RM of the prior heavy/slow exercise or body weight when appropriate. Below is a description for this program:

Upper Body 1

A2 Med Ball – Vertical Throw and Catch – 10% Overhead Press

A4 Med Ball – Slam: 10 % of Chin-Up 1RM (including bodyweight)

Lower Body 1

A2 Hurdle Hop – Bodyweight

Upper Body 2

A2 Plyometric Push Ups – Bodyweight

A4 Sled Row: 10% of Pull-Up 1RM

Lower Body 2

A2 Penta Jump: Bodyweight

Remember to try your best when executing these training parameters. Don’t allow you ego to tempt you to overload the velocity based exercises and make sure you execute the technical standards as well as the prescribed tempos of each movement. Please take note of the recommended loading approach provided above in this article to set yourself up for success.