Hardbody Athlete Program Update

Accumulation 2 – Complex Descending

Complex Training allows us to train different Speed-Strength qualities within a training system designed to improve explosive power. The version presented in this program is a Descending Complex because the exercises progress from the fastest velocity to the slowest velocity.

We are first exposing you to the highest velocity movements when your central nervous system (CNS) is fresh, then as the training session continues the velocity of movement will decrease.

Load selection within this phase is going to be determined by the method being utilized. All movements should be completed with an explosive concentric action. 

The A Series we are utilizing Starting Strength Methods, these have to be performed with a very fast velocity to train the appropriate qualities we are looking for. To achieve this we recommend using 30% predicted 1RM of barbell weight and 20% predicted 1 RM as band tension.

The B Series uses different Speed-Strength methods, in Upper Body 1 we implement Myotatic ⅓ + Bands on decline press. To complete this we want 40% 1RM as barbell load and 20% 1RM Band Tension. To complete this you lower the barbell under control for the first 2⁄3’s, then during the final ⅓ release tension to build speed and utilize the stretch shortening cycle to create a fast concentric action.

In the Upper Body 2 B Series, we implement a Kneeling Med Ball Chest Pass, we want you to use 20% predicted 1RM for your Incline Press in this exercise.

The Lower Body 1 and 2 B Series implements Explosive Squat and Trap Bar Jumps, we recommend a load of 20% 1RM of your squat. Each subsequent session you can increase the load by 2-3%.