Harnessing the 90° Principle at Hardbody Athlete: A Game Changer in Youth Athletic Training

At Hardbody Athlete, we are dedicated to pioneering the most effective training methods to support the development of youth athletes, particularly in elite sports like hockey and soccer. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our Head Strength Coach and founder’s recent completion of the “90° Principle” course from KILO, a groundbreaking approach set to transform our training strategies and optimize personal training outcomes.

Introducing the 90° Principle

The “90° Principle” is a sophisticated program design concept focused on maximizing upper body strength training. This principle is especially crucial for developing athletes as upper body strength plays a significant role in athletics, enhancing everything from shooting power to injury prevention.

The Course Curriculum and Its Impact

Module 1: Understanding the 90° Principle This initial module delves into the origins and definitions of the 90° Principle, setting the foundation for its application in our training regimens. Understanding this principle allows us to tailor strength training sessions that are not only effective but also appropriate for the developmental stage of young athletes.

Module 2: Programming the 90° Principle The programming section of the course teaches us how to integrate the 90° Principle across various training cycles, adapting the intensity and frequency to fit the athlete’s needs—whether they train 2, 3, or 4 times per week. This adaptability is key in a youth athlete’s schedule, accommodating their educational commitments and growth phases.

Why the 90° Principle Matters for Youth Athletes

Implementing the 90° Principle at Hardbody Athlete means more than just following a training protocol; it’s about creating an environment that fosters physical and mental growth. This principle enhances our ability to design programs that:

  • Focus on Development: Tailor training to the specific needs and maturity of youth athletes, ensuring each session contributes positively to their athletic and personal development.
  • Optimize Performance: By understanding and applying the 90° Principle, we can significantly boost upper body strength, which is crucial for sports.
  • Prevent Injuries: Properly structured strength training reduces the risk of sports-related injuries, keeping our young athletes safe as they grow and compete.

A Home for High Performing Families

Hardbody Athlete isn’t just a training facility; it’s a community where families dedicated to achieving sporting excellence can find support, guidance, and a scientifically-backed training regime. By incorporating things like the 90° Principle into our programs, we provide a competitive edge to our athletes, ensuring they have the physical capabilities to match their ambitions.

Conclusion: Elevating Training with Science and Expertise

With the introduction of the 90° Principle into our training approach, Hardbody Athlete is set to redefine personal training for youth athletes. K-Mac, our head strength coach’s expertise, enhanced by the latest advancements in strength training, ensures that our athletes are receiving the highest level of guidance available.

We are excited about the potential of the 90° Principle to enhance our athletes’ performance and invite families to join us in this new chapter of athletic development. Reach out to Hardbody Athlete to learn more about how our advanced training methodologies can benefit your aspiring young athletes and help them achieve their dreams.

Are you ready to see how the 90° Principle can transform your child’s athletic performance? Contact Hardbody Athlete today and discover the difference in our approach to youth athletic training. Join us and become part of a community that’s shaping the future stars!